Rogue One – A must-watch Star Wars spin-off

Rogue One is first (out of many, we hope) Star Wars spin-off and it takes place between the original and prequel trilogies.  This Hawaii film tops the majority of other entries in this franchise as it comes close to making us remember and re-watch the original trilogy.

Rogue One is first (out of many, we hope) Star Wars spin-off and it takes place between the original and prequel trilogies.  This Hawaii film tops the majority of other entries in this franchise as it comes close to making us remember and re-watch the original trilogy.

Story weaved out of nothing

The story of the Rogue One takes us to the time before the first Star Wars movie as we get to watch rebels and their plans to steal the Death Star plans. The film is filled with heroes and villains, and that walk the gray line between two sides, and that is what makes the movie excellent.

Saw GerreraThe protagonist of this film is Jyn who is raised by the rebel Saw Gerrera. The story focuses on character creation, and we can witness the development of Jyn, from a small girl to a rebel that leads the forces that will acquire the secret plans. An excellent aspect of this movie is the focus on the characters even in the large-scale battle scenes. This means that we can follow lead characters even though hundreds of others (enemies and allies) are around them fighting for and against their cause.

Other notable characters in Rogue One

Bodhi RookThis film introduced a wide array of interesting characters that captivated us with their diversity. We got Gerrera, an extremist rebel with cyborg limbs and an inhaler that represents the unshakable and no-compromise character. Then there is Bodhi Rook that brings in a fighting spirit unlike anyone else. Many more interesting characters make their appearance in this movie, but none of them are as captivating as ChirrutImwe. This character (played by Donnie Yen) is a blind swordsman (like Zatoichi) with an unbelievable belief in the force.

Rogue One – A worthy Star Trek installment

If you didn’t watch Rogue One, then you should do that as soon as possible. It’s better than the Episode 7 and the whole prequel trilogy, and you will find it as a good prequel to the original series.

And at the end, you get a five-minute scene with our favorite good-bad guy, Darth Vader.

A closer look at Friday the 13th (2009)

The twelfth Friday the 13th movie is the reboot of the franchise and the first film of the same name that started whole Jason saga. The story in this film is the same as from the 1980 movie, and the goal is to bring Jason’s original story with better graphics and more gore and sex. The movie isn’t anything special, but it was well-received by the fans of the genre.

Good elements of Friday the 13th

RemakeWhole Jason franchise has a moral background that follows the unfortunate characters and Jason. We could go on and talk about Jason and his troubled past, but the highlights of this movie rest on the horror aspect and how the main antagonist hunts down teenagers that came to the Crystal Lake.

Jason’s favorite prey are bad people, and he has a plenty of those in this movie. None of the teenagers that came to his place are good, except obligatory nice character in the form of a girl called Whitney. But all of them came to the Crystal Lake in search of marijuana and some wild sex and partying, and that is enough to set Jason on them.

Sex and violence sells movie tickets

The age of psychological horror is behind us, and we have to settle on movies like Friday the 13th which is full of violence and sex.

Death Scenes

Friday the 13th is a gore horror movie, and you will see a lot of gore in it. Jason kills more than 13 people in this film, and every kill is accomplished in an interesting way that will make gore lovers happy. You can see everything from decapitation to classic machete in the back (front) and all other body parts.

Sex sells, and this movie could have got the R rating without any violence due to the amount of sex and cursing it contains. Movie watchers will witness several sex scenes with graphic content and couple more semi-nude cuts. The rest of the film is filled with references to sex and masturbation and other sexual innuendoes.

Friday the 13th – Is it a good movie?

If you liked previous 11 movies from this franchise, then you will find the film good. Those that aren’t interested in gore and violence shouldn’t go to the cinema and watch it. This issuant the best movie that stars Jason, our favorite hockey mask killer, but it is far from being the worst movie with him.

Overview of France box office results for 2016

2016 has been a good year for French cinemas as many people came to watch movies and it increased the total revenue in the country. There weren’t any movies that stood out too much, but the number of films that people liked and watched was bigger than in previous years.

Nothing stops movie-goers from watching their favorite installments

France was shaken by the terrorists and their attacks in Nice and Bataclan and that caused smaller attendance at theaters and museums. These things didn’t affect cinema according to a number of sold tickets and revenue.

The total box office in France was 213 million which is topped only by 2011 box office that was 2017 million. The total gross box office for 2016 was 1.47 million dollars which mean that cinema in France generates more money than any other European nation.

Star Wars Episode 7There weren’t any high profile movies like “Star Wars Episode 7” to make an enormous amount of revenue by itself, but a lot of movies sold over two, sometimes even three million tickets. American movies fared well as they sold 112 million tickets which is seven to ten millions more than they usually bring in.

Top grossing movies in French cinema

The highest grossing movies in France were a mix of Hollywood animations and French comedies. The number one movie in France was Zootopia (one of five animated films that entered top ten) as it sold 4.8 million tickets and earned more than 35 million dollars. The second most viewed film was the Les Tuche 2 which tells the story about French hillbillies that visit the USA. Moana was the third most viewed movie in France, and that shows the domination of the teen audience over older people.

Other notable entries in French top thirty box office films

Bridget’s Jones’s Baby found itself at 25th place and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was at the eight place. The Hateful Eight managed to sell 1.7 million tickets. The rest of top thirty entries were mostly French comedies and other Hollywood blockbusters.

GaYauHei Si – Another bad Hong Kong comedy or not?

Ga Yau Hei Si aka All’s Well End’s Well is the latest part of an ongoing Hong Kong comedic franchise that plays around “mo-lei-tau” jokes and references to various movies and other media. This film came out in 2009, which means that it took twelve years to produce the sequel to the previous movie. So, is it any good?

Plot – Not a strong element of this film

It’s important to say that films from this franchise don’t have anything in common except the title. Now, the plot isn’t the crucial element of comedy, but it has to be sound to attract viewers. The plot revolves around Koo Chai (Asian counterpart to Will Smith’s Hitch) who is a love guru with some form of psychotic superpowers that gets a task to seduce Sandra. Koo’s employer is Sandra’s brother Kei to break a family curse that has been in their family for some time. The plot isn’t too bad, but as we said a comedy like this is all about jokes and spoofs.

Non-existent jokes and too subtle spoofs

Previous installments in this franchise were packed with jokes and parodies that made the audience laugh from the opening scene to the end of the movie.

All’s Well End’s WellThe number of gag jokes that were there just to make the audience laugh was huge in previous films, but they are non-existent in this one. There aren’t many jokes in this installment that will make you laugh.

Previous movies featured a lot of funny spoofs from famous films. All’s Well End’s Well didn’t follow that path and the spoofs are too subtle for the majority of the viewers. You have to watch this movie without blinking if you don’t want to miss one or two spoofs that are worth mentioning. Ga Yau Hei Si features some cameos, and one or two of those make the movie better, but they aren’t long enough to make us interested in watching the movie for the second time.

Ga Yau Hei Si – Waste of money

Cinema ticketThis film has several funny scenes, but they aren’t worth the price of a cinema ticket. If you can get one for free, then you could go and watch it, but don’t waste money on this film. A lot of better comedies exist that are worth the money, and they will make you laugh (even for a moment or two), unlike this one.



Star Trek Beyond – The continuation of the reboot series

Star Trek is the 13th movie in this franchise and the third film in the reboot series that started in 2009 with Star Trek movie and continued in 2013 with Into Darkness. Beyond came out on July 22, 2016, and it set a new standard for the franchise.

This isn’t the best Star Trek movie, but it revived reboot series as previous movies lost a lot of the elements that made this franchise.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond plot – A refreshing action-packed installment

The setting of this film sees Enterprise in the middle of their Five-year exploration mission, and it starts slowly with a focus on characters and their troubles. This opening part of the film focuses on relationships and state of mind of the characters regarding the last movie. This changes when the Enterprise receives a call for help and that leads them to a planet ruled by Krall, a life draining despot that has a serious grudge with the Federation.

KirkAction starts once the Kirk and crew get stranded on the plant, and it lasts until the end of the movie. The flow of the film is excellent as Kirk and Co. go from one action scene to another. You can find a lot of moral questions in this movie which lies at the core of this franchise.

Characters, morality, and action in Star Trek Beyond

Previous two installments in the reboot series had a strong focus on characters and their relationships, and there wasn’t any place for morality and action, two elements that carried this franchise through the years. Beyond is different as it is a heavily action-packed movie that pays homage to some of the older installments. We do get some insight into main characters and morality dilemmas, but the film isn’t entirely focused on them. This is an excellent Star Trek movie that has everything that an actual installment of this franchise should have.

Star Trek Beyond – Worth the price

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Star Trek fan or not; this movie is worth watching. If you are new to the franchise then you might not understand everything, but the action is fun, and you will be satisfied. Fans of the Star Trek will find that this movie takes them back to older and better films and that is what every fan wants. Beyond is worth the full price if you are a fan of the series.