GaYauHei Si – Another bad Hong Kong comedy or not?

Ga Yau Hei Si aka All’s Well End’s Well is the latest part of an ongoing Hong Kong comedic franchise that plays around “mo-lei-tau” jokes and references to various movies and other media. This film came out in 2009, which means that it took twelve years to produce the sequel to the previous movie. So, is it any good?

Plot – Not a strong element of this film

It’s important to say that films from this franchise don’t have anything in common except the title. Now, the plot isn’t the crucial element of comedy, but it has to be sound to attract viewers. The plot revolves around Koo Chai (Asian counterpart to Will Smith’s Hitch) who is a love guru with some form of psychotic superpowers that gets a task to seduce Sandra. Koo’s employer is Sandra’s brother Kei to break a family curse that has been in their family for some time. The plot isn’t too bad, but as we said a comedy like this is all about jokes and spoofs.

Non-existent jokes and too subtle spoofs

Previous installments in this franchise were packed with jokes and parodies that made the audience laugh from the opening scene to the end of the movie.

All’s Well End’s WellThe number of gag jokes that were there just to make the audience laugh was huge in previous films, but they are non-existent in this one. There aren’t many jokes in this installment that will make you laugh.

Previous movies featured a lot of funny spoofs from famous films. All’s Well End’s Well didn’t follow that path and the spoofs are too subtle for the majority of the viewers. You have to watch this movie without blinking if you don’t want to miss one or two spoofs that are worth mentioning. Ga Yau Hei Si features some cameos, and one or two of those make the movie better, but they aren’t long enough to make us interested in watching the movie for the second time.

Ga Yau Hei Si – Waste of money

Cinema ticketThis film has several funny scenes, but they aren’t worth the price of a cinema ticket. If you can get one for free, then you could go and watch it, but don’t waste money on this film. A lot of better comedies exist that are worth the money, and they will make you laugh (even for a moment or two), unlike this one.