Star Trek Beyond – The continuation of the reboot series

Star Trek is the 13th movie in this franchise and the third film in the reboot series that started in 2009 with Star Trek movie and continued in 2013 with Into Darkness. Beyond came out on July 22, 2016, and it set a new standard for the franchise.

This isn’t the best Star Trek movie, but it revived reboot series as previous movies lost a lot of the elements that made this franchise.

Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond plot – A refreshing action-packed installment

The setting of this film sees Enterprise in the middle of their Five-year exploration mission, and it starts slowly with a focus on characters and their troubles. This opening part of the film focuses on relationships and state of mind of the characters regarding the last movie. This changes when the Enterprise receives a call for help and that leads them to a planet ruled by Krall, a life draining despot that has a serious grudge with the Federation.

KirkAction starts once the Kirk and crew get stranded on the plant, and it lasts until the end of the movie. The flow of the film is excellent as Kirk and Co. go from one action scene to another. You can find a lot of moral questions in this movie which lies at the core of this franchise.

Characters, morality, and action in Star Trek Beyond

Previous two installments in the reboot series had a strong focus on characters and their relationships, and there wasn’t any place for morality and action, two elements that carried this franchise through the years. Beyond is different as it is a heavily action-packed movie that pays homage to some of the older installments. We do get some insight into main characters and morality dilemmas, but the film isn’t entirely focused on them. This is an excellent Star Trek movie that has everything that an actual installment of this franchise should have.

Star Trek Beyond – Worth the price

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Star Trek fan or not; this movie is worth watching. If you are new to the franchise then you might not understand everything, but the action is fun, and you will be satisfied. Fans of the Star Trek will find that this movie takes them back to older and better films and that is what every fan wants. Beyond is worth the full price if you are a fan of the series.