A closer look at Friday the 13th (2009)

The twelfth Friday the 13th movie is the reboot of the franchise and the first film of the same name that started whole Jason saga. The story in this film is the same as from the 1980 movie, and the goal is to bring Jason’s original story with better graphics and more gore and sex. The movie isn’t anything special, but it was well-received by the fans of the genre.

Good elements of Friday the 13th

RemakeWhole Jason franchise has a moral background that follows the unfortunate characters and Jason. We could go on and talk about Jason and his troubled past, but the highlights of this movie rest on the horror aspect and how the main antagonist hunts down teenagers that came to the Crystal Lake.

Jason’s favorite prey are bad people, and he has a plenty of those in this movie. None of the teenagers that came to his place are good, except obligatory nice character in the form of a girl called Whitney. But all of them came to the Crystal Lake in search of marijuana and some wild sex and partying, and that is enough to set Jason on them.

Sex and violence sells movie tickets

The age of psychological horror is behind us, and we have to settle on movies like Friday the 13th which is full of violence and sex.

Death Scenes

Friday the 13th is a gore horror movie, and you will see a lot of gore in it. Jason kills more than 13 people in this film, and every kill is accomplished in an interesting way that will make gore lovers happy. You can see everything from decapitation to classic machete in the back (front) and all other body parts.

Sex sells, and this movie could have got the R rating without any violence due to the amount of sex and cursing it contains. Movie watchers will witness several sex scenes with graphic content and couple more semi-nude cuts. The rest of the film is filled with references to sex and masturbation and other sexual innuendoes.

Friday the 13th – Is it a good movie?

If you liked previous 11 movies from this franchise, then you will find the film good. Those that aren’t interested in gore and violence shouldn’t go to the cinema and watch it. This issuant the best movie that stars Jason, our favorite hockey mask killer, but it is far from being the worst movie with him.