Rogue One – A must-watch Star Wars spin-off

Rogue One is first (out of many, we hope) Star Wars spin-off and it takes place between the original and prequel trilogies.  This Hawaii film tops the majority of other entries in this franchise as it comes close to making us remember and re-watch the original trilogy.

Story weaved out of nothing

The story of the Rogue One takes us to the time before the first Star Wars movie as we get to watch rebels and their plans to steal the Death Star plans. The film is filled with heroes and villains, and that walk the gray line between two sides, and that is what makes the movie excellent.

Saw GerreraThe protagonist of this film is Jyn who is raised by the rebel Saw Gerrera. The story focuses on character creation, and we can witness the development of Jyn, from a small girl to a rebel that leads the forces that will acquire the secret plans. An excellent aspect of this movie is the focus on the characters even in the large-scale battle scenes. This means that we can follow lead characters even though hundreds of others (enemies and allies) are around them fighting for and against their cause.

Other notable characters in Rogue One

Bodhi RookThis film introduced a wide array of interesting characters that captivated us with their diversity. We got Gerrera, an extremist rebel with cyborg limbs and an inhaler that represents the unshakable and no-compromise character. Then there is Bodhi Rook that brings in a fighting spirit unlike anyone else. Many more interesting characters make their appearance in this movie, but none of them are as captivating as ChirrutImwe. This character (played by Donnie Yen) is a blind swordsman (like Zatoichi) with an unbelievable belief in the force.

Rogue One – A worthy Star Trek installment

If you didn’t watch Rogue One, then you should do that as soon as possible. It’s better than the Episode 7 and the whole prequel trilogy, and you will find it as a good prequel to the original series.

And at the end, you get a five-minute scene with our favorite good-bad guy, Darth Vader.